Miller Carpentry

Permalink Finished up this pavillion in Greenleaf Trails today. Turned out nice. #pavillion #cedar #pergola #outdoorkitchen  (at Greenleaf Trails)
Permalink Pallet wood wall completed today for the new Norman Community Church office.  #normcom #palletwood #trimcarpentry  (at Norman Community Church Office)
Permalink Got the big shop door hung up tonight . That door easily weighs 200lbs. Moving stuff in on Saturday.  Wanna help?  #shopbuild  (at Miller Carpentry)
Permalink Finished the shop door this afternoon.  Just need some glass which I should have tomorrow.  #shopbuild #festooldominoxl  (at Miller Carpentry)
Permalink Dry fit of the shop sliding barn door.  Building it out of sapele (African Mahogany).  It’s going to be a stout door.  #festooldominoxl #shopbuild  (at Miller Carpentry)
Permalink Got some electricity today.  #shopbuild  (at Miller Carpentry)
Permalink Cedar pavillion going up in Green Leaf Trails addition.  #cedar #pergola #backporch #pavillion  (at Greenleaf Trails)
Permalink Finished up the exterior trim today as well as the upper polycarbonate sheeting.  Foam insulation, paint & electric are happening in this upcoming week.  Almost done! Time to move in! #shopbuild  (at Miller Carpentry)
Permalink Progress.  Sidings up.  Tongue & groove soffit is done.  Next up; polycarbonate paneling. Getting the shop wired tomorrow as well.  #shopbuild  (at Miller Carpentry)